Updated: 17-year-old boy found

A 17-year-old boy of Contention Road, Indian Walk, Princes Town, has been found. 

Police confirmed that Simeon Dyer was back home safely with his family. 

The teen returned home yesterday after staying at a relative’s home.

Original article:

Princes Town police are actively searching for missing 17-year-old Simeon Dyer. Simeon of Contention Road, Indian Walk, Princes Town was last seen at 3:25pm on March 25.

He was reported missing to the Princes Town Police Station the following morning.

Dyer is of African descent, five feet, five inches tall, brown in complexion, black hair with a short low hairstyle, and was last seen wearing a yellow T-shirt, short pants with blue stripes on the side and blue slippers.

Anyone who has information on the whereabouts of the missing teen is strongly urged to contact the Princes Town Police Station at 655-2231 or the police hotlines 999, 555, or share the information on the TTPS’ App.

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