Ross University replacement

PM Skerrit

Before hurricane Maria devastated the beautiful island of Dominica in 2017, there were much talks about Ross University leaving Dominica due to ups and downs with the government but it was never officially stated by Ross management neither the government of Dominica. Certainly, if these allegations were true, Ross University found their blessing through the disappointment of hurricane Maria, which excellerate their departure even quicker after 40 years of marriage to Dominica. 

In 2019, Ross University School Of Medicine left Dominica for Barbados, causing a negative impact on the country’s GDP. 
However, Prime minister Roosevelt Skerrit assured Dominicans that he has four (4) Universities interested in Dominica and therefore Ross University will be replaced by any of the four (4) Universities. 
Lots of dominicans accused the prime minister of playing politics and fooling the people just before an election – but Prime minister Skerrit insisted that this was no political gimmick. Although Dominicans were interested in knowing the names of such Universities, apparently the prime minister kept it a secret, and re-assured the people of Dominica that a new University will be here in Dominica pretty soon. 
It’s two years plus since Prime minister Skerrit broke the news that a University will replace Ross. 
Was that a political gimmick? What’s your thoughts? 

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