Residents forced to use spring

The taps in Porey Spring and Dunscombe have run dry.

Residents told the Daily Nation on Tuesday that the water in those St Thomas communities was on and off for the past two to three months and the situation got worse over the past week, with the pipe being off for three consecutive days since Sunday.

Residents said their main source of water is from the nearby spring where they bathe and catch water for household purposes except cooking.

“For about two weeks the water was off in Porey Spring,” said Andrew Eugene who was with a group of his neighbours at the spring, some of whom were waiting their turn for a bath. “We have had to rely on the spring to bathe and wash clothes. We can’t even cook at home; right now I have chicken thawing down to come back out here and fry.

“This makes you upset because it’s a big inconvenience. Check to see big men timing when they have to come out to get their baths in the mornings before they go to work and when they come back. And the thing is when you bathe you have to walk with water to wash your foot when you get home to wash off all the ash.” (SB)

Source: nationnews

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