Phytopharmaceutical Expert Brendon Roberts on Cannabis and The Caribbean Governments

By Fabien Joseph Jr.

I had a billion-dollar conversation for an hour with my good brethren from Vieille Case and former schoolmate Brendon Roberts who is now residing in Canada, as he educated me on cannabis and how the Canadian government has controlled the substance, and the benefits it brings in generating multi-millions of dollars to the economy, through medicines, clothing, and other products.

According to Roberts, the governments across the Caribbean should be swifter in taking control of Cannabis production. Brendon Roberts is a Phytopharmaceutical Expert with an emphasis on Plant Agriculture Development. He has always loved agriculture since our Vielle Case primary school days, which has never changed. He taught Agriculture at the Isaiah Thomas Secondary School in Dominica and then resigned to further his studies in Canada.

Currently, he is an expert in producing acres of cannabis which supplies the government of Canada. And the government distributes it in a professional legal manner to minimize illegal trafficking on the streets and to maximize profits.

The majority of Caribbean people have a stigma whenever they hear about marijuana – but there are a lot of benefits to cannabis if the government takes control of the substance and does it correctly.

Cannabis is not just for smoking. It is for medicine, clothing, other recreational purposes, and many other products.

According to Roberts, governments across the Caribbean should look forward to implementing the methods of the outside international world by controlling the substance and providing licenses to qualifying farmers to produce cannabis in mass quantities, which will bring positive returns to the economy and help the government build more schools, and infrastructure, and create employment.

Brendon Roberts is an expert in Canada with vast knowledge of the cannabis industry – a 17-billion-dollar industry.

You can look forward to more engagements regarding the benefits of cannabis to a country, and how governments can engage in healthy discussions to get the ball rolling. Hopefully, the government will take charge and regulate the industry to minimize the illegal trafficking on the streets which contributes to a wide percentage of crimes.

Let’s get to the next level.

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