Ontario Finance Minister to resign for flouting COVID-19 restrictions to visit Caribbean

Caribbean: Ontario Finance Minister Rod Phillips is being pressured to resign as he was admitted to having flouted Canada’s coronavirus restrictions to spend a vacation in the Caribbean.

The post on the social media accounts of Rod Phillips suggested that he had to stay home over Christmas. On Tuesday, it was revealed that the minister flew to the island of St. Barts in mid-December as advised by his government to avoid Despite this he visited the Caribbean on his personal holidays and it was revealed clearly that it was not an essential trip to the region.

As the scandal made headlines in the national media, Ontario Premier Doug Ford insisted he was not aware of Phillips’ plans to complete the trip.

However, he admitted that he came to know about the minister’s foreign visits at some point. Yet, he did not demand an immediate return to the province – at least not until the visit became known to the media.

“I called him shortly after I arrived, and he said he was away,” Ford told reporters Wednesday. He said he was “deeply disappointed” by the minister’s decision to travel on every occasion. Has been asked to sacrifice. ”

Ford previously called Phillips’ trip “completely unacceptable.”

Phillips went to some lengths to hide his location during his stay in St. Barts. During a video conference call on December 16, the finance minister used a virtual backdrop of Ontario’s Legislative Building while he spoke at the sound of the waves, as the province’s Liberal Party later reported in a tweet.

Phillips’ office staff said that the minister’s visit to St. Barts, a popular destination for wealthy travelers, was planned. But in Coronavirus cases in Canada’s most populous provinces, calls were rising as the finance minister resigned or was fired.

The admission followed speculation for weeks whether the minister had stayed in Canada, where national and provincial health officials have urged against “non-essential” travel amid the coronavirus epidemic.

The revelation of Phillips Caribbean holiday occurred when Ontario reported two days in a row of record coronavirus cases. On Wednesday, the province announced 2,923 new infections.

In a statement, Phillips said he “regrets” the trip and says that if he had known Ontario would have been in lockdown, he would not have left the country.

“It was a mistake, and I apologize. I personally departed for a visit to St. Barts after the end of the legislative session on December 13. ”

Phillips’ criticism has focused on his social media accounts, suggesting that he remained in his constituency during the holidays.

Provincial New Democratic Party leader Andrea Horwath called for Phillips to be dropped from the cabinet.

“Embarrassing” the situation, while “knowing it was the case and destroying Ford with only one eye closed.” He said: “There should be some accountability for these kinds of things.”

Under Canadian law, Phillips must quarantine for 14 days upon his return to Ontario. More than 40,000 people have returned to Canada from abroad during the epidemic, and only 130 tickets have been issued to break the quarantine.

Phillips joined a long list of world leaders, and legalists who flouted the Kovid-19 ban, including the rules he helped enforce.

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