Ms Rachel Shillingford Independently Published Her Second Children’s Cultural Book

Coulibistrie born and raised author Ms Rachel Shillingford independently published her second children’s cultural book; titled the Ti Matado and Family Kwéyòl activity Work book.

Newly published book written by Ms Rachel Shillingford.

With this book ; Ms Shillingford aims to bring awareness to the kwéyòl language at an early age. The carefully illustrated pages teaches children the kwéyòl alphabet along with kwéyòl words and letters, to count from 0 to 10 in kwéyòl, to identify colors in kwéyòl and an opportunity to practice their tracing, writing, drawing and coloring skills.

This book was designed to develop your children’s creole vocabulary in a fun and interactive method whilst acknowledging our culture in the learning process. Towards the end of this book there is a fun fact section on the kwéyòl language that parents can read with their children.

Ms Shillingford is certain that every child and parent will love every single page, and she believes that there is a lot to learn from this book that goes beyond the illustrations. This book can be purchased via at present. The Ti Matado and Family Kwéyòl Activity Work Book

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