Mandatory vaccination for cruise line employees

Mandatory vaccination for cruise line employees

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Saint Lucians seeking employment on board certain cruise lines are mandated to get vaccinated, as the industry looks to restart after being seriously impacted COVID-19 pandemic.

The tourism sector, accounting for approximately 65% of Saint Lucia’s GDP, was hardest hit due to COVID-19.
The sector is the island’s main source of foreign exchange earnings and jobs.

Last year, cruise ships that were mid-trip began facing COVID-19 infections resulting in crew and passengers being stranded in open waters, infected, or dead.

As the sector prepares for a comeback after nearly one year, certain requirements must be met.

“Everybody who is going back to work on the ship needs to be inoculated,” Miss Jacqui Raveneau, Marketing Manager of Mampa Employment Agency said.

Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and P&O Cruise lines are among those who have announced vaccination protocols for guests and crew members.

As Saint Lucia prepares to open a new season in July, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line has named the island as a port-of-call on a mid-July itinerary, that will see Celebrity Millennium make its first voyage of the season.

“Not all the cruise lines are asking for the vaccination,” Raveneau noted, “Different cruise lines ask for different things but the majority at the moment are asking that crew members be vaccinated.”

She added that individuals can get vaccinated on the ship if they have not done so in their respective countries.

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