Linden police join relatives in search party for missing Linden woman

It is now 17 days since 21-year-old Shonnette Dover has disappeared without a trace, leaving her relatives and friends less and less hopeful for her return. During the weekend, they were joined by ranks of the Guyana Police Force Region 10 Police Division, in a search party, where they combed several communities on the Wismar shore. After hours of searching, they came up empty handed. Shonnette was last seen April 3 after she left home for work at the Country Grill Bar, but never showed up.

The last family member to have reportedly last seen her was her brother on the Mackenzie shore, who gave her $2,000.00.
Her grandmother, Constance Dover, said she is more worried that despite numerous published news stories and attempts to contact her, Shonnette has not made contact with her family members. She said that all they have been receiving is fake news and several empty leads.
“Her brother and father went to Mabura because we hear she is up there and when they went, is another girl, they are on their way back empty handed,” the worried woman said. Several persons have also been calling the family with information about her whereabouts, but none has been helpful. They sent persons as far as Lethem, after they received information that she was there, but upon arrival, she was not.
Commander of Region 10, Hugh Winter also said that the police are following leads, but none have been met with success. “We heard that she was in Berbice, when they turned up at the house, is a different girl,” he told Kaieteur News.
Shonnette’s cousin, Esther Dover, had said that days before she went missing, Shonnette confided in her that she wanted to move out of her boyfriend’s home and move back into her grandmother’s, because of the issues, which she was experiencing with her partner.
Her boyfriend, Shaquan Allen, had said that he last saw his girlfriend on Saturday morning at home and they had no problem. He said that after breakfast, he had left to drop some crutches for someone who was involved in an accident. From there, he went to his aunt’s house where he spent time with his family. He then went home where his girlfriend’s little sister relayed to him that Shonnette had left for work. He then dropped that sister to another sister’s residence before going to a party in Blueberry Hill with his friends, after which he said he returned home and realised that Shonnette was not there. Commander Winter said that further questioning was conducted with Allen and he is required to report to the police station every morning.
Persons with any information about the whereabouts of Shonnette Dover can contact the police or her grandmother, Constance Dover on the following numbers 442-1616, 670-6846 or 671-6455.

Source: kaieteurnewsonline

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