Following The Increased Incidents of Violent Crimes, Police Officers Have Maintained a Consistent Police Presence in The Vieux Fort Area.

Royal Saint Lucia Police Force

Following the increased incidents of violent crimes, particularly the commission of seven (7) homicides, within the southern sector, a deployment of Police Officers from across the island reported to the division, as per the instructions of Commissioner of Police, Crusita Descartes- Pelius.

The contingent comprised of officers of various ranks recalled from leave. The officers have maintained a consistent police presence in the Vieux Fort area, providing both foot and mobile response.

Residents, educational institutions, commuters and the business community have expressed their satisfaction with the level of service provided by the officers as they seek to restore law and order to the area.

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force wishes to assure the public that all necessary measures are being taken to address the situation in Vieux Fort, including stakeholder engagement. We wish to thank the citizenry for their co-operation during this time and encourage others to participate meaningfully in the process of achieving normalcy in the town of Vieux Fort.

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