Dr. Thomson Fontaine Resigned?

Speaking with Sean Douglas on Q95 ‘TALK ON THE BLOCK’ radio program back in November of 2022, during the campaign for the leadership position of the United Workers Party, Dr. Thomson Fontaine made it abundantly clear that he will resign from his job in South Sudan if he wins the UWP leadership over Clement Marcellin so he can come back home. He was then asked by Sean Douglas if he would really want to resign from his big job just to come back to Dominica in opposition. Dr. Fontaine said yes, and he would only have to give a month’s notice, and it is not difficult to do since he is not bound by the trappings of wealth.

We are now heading to the fourth month since he made that promise, and there is no confirmation of resignation from Dr. Thomson Fontaine regarding his job in South Sudan.

Below is the dialogue with Dr. Thomson Fontaine speaking with Sean Douglas on ‘Q95 Talk On The Block’ in November of 2022 before the delegates conference of the United Workers Party.

Sean Douglas: “So, if you are elected leader on Sunday, what happens, when do you next go back to Sudan, how long will you stay out?

Dr. Thomson Fountaine: “Well typically you just give a month’s notice. All that is required of me in that particular instance is a month’s notice. You have to give them a month’s notice to say that you are resigning”.

Sean Douglas: “So, if you are selected leader, you’re saying that you have to resign then?

Dr. Thomson Fontaine: “Ya, absolutely. Ya, Ya. I am prepared to do that.”

Sean Douglas: “And leave all that behind?

Dr. Thomson Fontaine: “That’s what I’m saying, Sean. Yes, absolutely. It’s a very easy decision. It’s not as difficult as how people make it appear. Because like I’ve said, I am not bound by the trappings of wealth.

Dr. Fontaine made it clear that he would resign if elected within one month’s notice. It is heading to the fourth month since his promise. Was that a pie-in-the-sky promise? And should Dr. Thomson Fontaine make a smooth transition to pass on the leadership to Clement Marcelin?

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