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Facing a trial and overcoming it is one of the most rewarding experiences!

Some call me Queen, but I will introduce myself as Marcia (Mar-see- uh) 😉 Baptiste. I am the holder of three pageant titles namely: Miss Dominica 2010, Miss Caribbean World 2010 and Miss Jaycees Caribbean Queen 2010. I am a God fearing, headstrong, determined, down to earth person who has a soft spot for helping others better themselves. At length, I am also the holder of a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice. My achievements would not have been obtained were it not for the hard work and dedication of my pageant team headed by the notable Elma Aaron, my family, friends and acquaintances I met along the way.

 My journey like any good journey was met with various trials. I could have dwelled on what I did not have and give up all my opportunities, but that is not part of who I am. I was determined to find a way because I had the will. “Where there is a will there is a way!” I pushed forward despite the doubts that haunted me. I had moments of weaknesses when I wanted to give up. I cried, I just wanted to disappear, but my team would not let me. After winning the coveted title of Miss Dominica, I felt surely things would get better. But as fate would have it, they were not.

Going blindly into my first regional pageant, I strutted in like this is mine despite the negatives. This pageant could make or break my participation in the other regional pageants so I gave it my best. At the end of the show I stood in the line with nothing but my poise, grace and smile. All the awards and runner up positions were announced and my name was not mentioned. I started thinking to myself how I would deal with going home empty handed. To my right, another contestant with two awards was already laughing and posing like she had already won. Her support group was going wild. I was also told some hours before by one of her supporters that I would not win she will. Despite all that, I won!

Coming into the Jaycees pageant, I was beat. My body was tired and with little rest I had a fever backstage. I wanted to throw in the towel. I had come this far, but I just came from my first pageant I had not placed in. And before that, I obtained the second runner up position in my second regional pageant. I was disappointed. A few words of encouragement from a friend and I was back on track. I gave this pageant my best shot. And yes! All my team’s hard work and efforts were not done in vain! I won again!

 The road to these victories were not easy! It required from me a lot of practice, sacrifice, tears, compromises, overcoming my internal struggles, trust in my team members, believing in myself and of course trusting God! Many ask if I would do it again and my answer is yes! The challenges I faced helped to push me into being a stronger competitor. It forced me to question my true motives, my true self, and my true purpose. I wanted to win all my pageants, but my true purpose was to put Dominica in the spotlight and to enjoy my opportunities to the fullest. Winning was just the cherry on top.

Pageants are opportunities for people to help further develop themselves as a more aware and active citizen of their country. It provides a platform for one’s dreams, interests, aspirations and ideas to become a reality, to be heard and to be launched. Facing a trial whilst trying to obtain a goal is meant to create a learning experience. It is meant to propel you forward. I like to say, you may not enjoy the journey but if you are steadfast and keep pushing you will enjoy the rewards. So don’t give up! Keep loving yourself! Keep pushing yourself and know that when it comes to trials this too shall pass!

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