Dore’s Riding Stable

Saint Lucia is one of the most beautiful islands in the southern eastern Caribbean. In Saint Lucia there are so many beautiful things to do and see on island.

One of the most enjoyable things to do is horse back riding with Dore’s Riding Stable. We urge you to insert Dore’s Riding Stable on your ‘to do list’ whenever you are visiting Saint Lucia. At Dore’s Riding Stable you will surely have an enjoyable horse back riding tour that will enhance your experience in Saint Lucia. We assure you that you will receive excellent customer service at Dore’s Riding Stable. You can hold Caribbean News World accountable for your experience at Dore’s Riding Stable because we guarantee you a fantastic experience. Your experience will be great. Add Dore’s Riding Stable on your ‘to do list’ and you won’t regret it. Dore’s Riding Stable caters for both visitors and locals in Saint Lucia. Feel free to contact Dore’s Riding Stable at telephone number 1-758-286-2213 to find out more about the different tour packages. You can call or WhatsApp, or you can also send an email to or contact the manager via Facebook page Dore’s Riding stable, or Instagram @Doresridingstable.

Dore’s Riding Stable is located in Cap Estate in the northern part of Saint Lucia which is the most developed area. Dore’s Riding Stable operates everyday at your most convenient times. Ensure that you share this Caribbean News World article with your friends and families across the Caribbean Islands, United States of America, United Kingdom, and Canada. Don’t forget you can win prizes by becoming a subscriber.

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