A Resident Charged with Multiple Offences

Source: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force

On Friday May 26, 2023, Tallian Joseph, a resident of Bruceville in Vieux-Fort, was charged with multiple offences related to disorderly conduct exhibited by her prior, at the Vieux-Fort Police Station. The charges include Threatening Words, Insulting Words, and Disorderly Conduct.

During a court hearing, Tallian Joseph admitted guilt for these offences, and the court subsequently instituted the following penalties:

• A Monetary Fine: Tallian Joseph is required to pay a fine of one thousand five hundred dollars (XCD1, 500.00) for each charge.

• A Contrition Recording: In addition, she was ordered to create a three (3)-minute apology video, addressing her actions and expressing remorse for her behavior, to be published on the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force’s social media platforms.

• Community Service: Tallian Joseph was ordered to serve one hundred (100) hours of community service as part of her sentence.

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force has obtained this video created by her, and in accordance with a court order, it is now accessible.

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